Cost Effective Architecture


No matter what your budget is, you always want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck wlhether you are building a new home or undergoing significant renovations or additions.  Cost effective architecture means that you’ll get the most out of what you put in and continue to get the most out of it. 


  • The best way that an architect can help you achieve a cost effective home is through designing by ideas and solutions to maximise the return for your budget.

  • Sustainable Architecture which it will save money on your energy and other bills.

  • Tenders cost effiective by draw up all of the plans and define the specification of project and materials which it will help to get very accurate tenders from builders and trades people. 




DIY interior Design


Create a folder or a scrapbook to document looks you love and collect photos that inspires you, Grace Group Service can help you to deliver professional design and transform into the reality by using your pre selected concept






Hiring an Archtect is just like hiring any other trade professional, but with one important difference. The architect’s job is to turn your building dreams into reality. Grace Group Service offers  Design + Construct to maximise quality of construction and cost effective.











Consultation & Design


Client meeting to identify ideas and expectations also to determine concept brief , cost estimate and provide consulation advice. 


Designing of the new bathroom  or other project that is attractive , timeless and cost effective with different programe such as 3D max, Vray, photoshop and autocad to provide perspective veiw of your bathroom which it will determine cost and programming and helps to bring reality on your design become it becomes alive.













Our services are to ensure you will get the DA ,CC and CDC done either through council or through a private certifier. The method will be chosen to suit your project for new houses , granny flats , alterations , addtitions.